Elizabeth A. Roach

Technical Writer

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Roach graduated from the University of South Florida completing her final semester in May 2021. She doubled majored in Communication and English with a concentration in Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology.

Overall, Elizabeth’s positions include writing and producing marketing material that boosts interest from certain audiences. As a technical writer, Elizabeth strives to help consumers understand a service or a product with the intention of creating a positive exchange.  

Originally, Elizabeth was born and raised in Naples, Florida where she learned to appreciate the environment. She enjoys nature photography while taking hikes in the swamp or cypress forests of Florida. Elizabeth is keen to experience other climates where she can hike and explore as well. Elizabeth was fortunate to study abroad prior to Covid-19 where she spent two months in Europe; one of those months was studying in London, England.

Being a full-time student, her involvement in the community is unparalleled as she holds several positions within Rotary International, a membership and service organization. This includes sitting on the executive board for the Zone Leadership Summit, which caters to training Rotary personnel on the east coast of the United States and the Caribbean. Elizabeth has been lucky to meet people from all over the world by being a member of Rotary International and attending conferences with like-minded individuals who want to change the world.

Elizabeth has the ambition to lift up other young professionals and develop their leadership skills that can be used in their community or career to create positive change. Elizabeth hopes to develop her own skills as an aspiring technical writer while applying for jobs in the manufacturing and technology sector. However, Elizabeth recently accepted her offer to attend NC State University for their Master of Science program in Technical Communication starting in Fall 2021!

Areas of Expertise:

Technical Marketing Content | End User Documentation | Web Development |

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