Digital Portfolio

Primary Writing Sample – The Importance of Language
  • The Importance of Language: How Unconscious Ableism within Activism Impacts People with Disabilities.
  • Written during my last year of undergraduate school. This sample was submitted to NC State with my graduate school application.
  • Click here to read.

Cookie Munchers Brand Guide 2019
  • An extensive Brand Guide for a local establishment completed by a group of students at the University of South Florida.
  • My main role was to develop the Application section of the document, but I also composited all the InDesign pages together and finalized the Table of Contents. 
  • Follow this link to view the Brand Guide.
USF Writes Manual- Long Editing Sample 2020
  • The purpose of the assignment was to edit the document and create a stylesheet to follow for the length of the manual. This is included on the last page of the document. Originally edited on Microsoft Word with the comments feature.
  • Note: If you would like to see where I put the actual comments, you will have to download the document.  
  • ​Click here to see this sample. 
Rotary Resume 2021
  • I needed this resume for a position, but it showcases my extracurricular work.
  • I have a commitment to help young adults reach their leadership potential and I try to do that through my work with Rotary.
  • Click here to read.

English Department PTC Flyer 2020
  • Flyers used for the English Department at USF were outdated and needed a new look to persuade students to declare the Professional Technical Communication concentration. 
  • Exhibits graphic design elements that might be needed for a job in the future.
  • Click here to view. 
Rotary Infographic 2018
  • The purpose of this document was to encourage young people to talk to Rotarians and other adults. Oftentimes, teenagers don’t know how to act and this was meant to explain the do’s and don’ts of making conversation. 
  • Click here to view this infographic. 
Inside Rotary- Website Development 2018
  • Hosted my own website on a free server, also using WordPress. The purpose of this website was to inform people in Southwest Florida and the Tampa Bay area what Rotary clubs are nearby. It was also meant to explain certain procedures that happen inside Rotary that would otherwise be confusing to people who are unaware of what Rotary is.
  • Follow this link to learn more:
iFixit Coffee Grinder Manual 2018
  • A comprehensive Repair Guide for a Conical Burr Coffee Grinder created by a group of students at the University of South Florida. My role was to take pictures, write, edit, and publish on to the iFixit website. 
  • See what I accomplished through this link:

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